A WOMAN found herself looking at an "Aladdin's Cave" when she took the lid off a dustbin at Camberley.

She could hardly believe her eyes as she discovered the bin's hidden secret - a large amount of sparkling jewellery.

Closer examination of the bin in Barossa Road revealed there were seven watches, 13 brooches, 31 necklaces, 41 rings, 52 bracelets and 71 pairs of earrings.

All the items are described as good quality costume jewellery, some identified as recent designs sold at Next and Marks and Spencer.

The woman who discovered the jewellery, which was in a plastic bag, took the find to the police.

Now officers are examining their records to see if anyone has reported the items stolen.

A spokeswoman said: "At present it's a mystery as to why the items were put in the bin."

One obvious theory is that a thief stole the jewellery, and then for some reason decided it was too hot to handle "Although it's costume jewellery it's not the sort of thing people would normally throw away," said the spokeswoman.

"Some of it is gold plated and quite attractive."

Anyone who believes the jewellery belongs to them should contact the Woking police lost property office on 01483 655130.

They will, however, be required to provide proof of ownership before the items are handed over.