FORMER Aldershot journalist Jimi Reed died in hospital last week writes John Walton. She had been ill for about two years but faced her illness with typically gutsy determination and good humour. Last autumn she went to the West Indies and stayed there until she was taken ill again a few days before her death.

Jimi, who was in her early fifties, joined the Aldershot News as a young reporter back in 1967. With her infectious drive she soon began to brighten up the somewhat stuffy paper with something that would appeal to her generation.

Her "Young Ideas" column contained all of the latest news on the local pop and youth scene and she built up a network of useful contacts who provided a host of good stories over the next few years.

Jimi later moved onto a national woman's magazine and wrote a number of books. She always retained a strong affection for the Aldershot area and the many friends she made here.

Only last summer she chuckled when I told her that George Paparesti had been made Deputy Mayor of Rushmoor. She remembered him as an aspiring disc jockey named Tommy Terpin! Jimi will be sadly missed by many people.