THE distressing story of a seven-year-old boy who found the remains of his cat while playing near his home has touched the hearts of Mail readers across the area.

Joshua Taylor, of Laws Terrace in Goose Green Park, Aldershot, was keen to alert other cat owners to the dangers faced by their pets after finding the decapitated head of his young long-haired tabby cat two weeks ago.

The cat had gone missing about two weeks before and the family feared she had been run over.

Animal lovers who were saddened and disgusted by what happened to Lucky have contacted the family and the Mail and one kind-hearted reader stepped forward with a special offer.

The local businessman, who wishes to remain anonymous, owns a cat which had a litter of kittens ready to be rehomed.

Last week, he made a surprise visit to the family home where he presented Joshua with a squirming bundle of fluffy black fur.

And Joshua was overjoyed with his new little friend, called Sophie after the original owner’s sister.

Ann Taylor, Joshua’s mother, said yesterday: “I didn’t tell him anything about it so he was really surprised and he’s been all over the cat ever since.”

She added: “They’re doing well. She’s settling in and the other cats are getting used to her now.

“She can just manage the stairs so she chases Joshua up and down them and no doubt, when she can get on the bed she will sleep up there too (as Lucky used to).”

The RSPCA was informed of Lucky’s death.

Anyone with information about this, or any other case, is asked to contact the 24-hour cruelty and advice line on 08705 555 999.