STUDENTS at Edgbarrow School in Crowthorne were juggling their way to success last Friday when they learnt how to perform better in exams.

Around 160 students from Year 11 spent the day learning how the brain works more effectively and how to improve their learning ability.

Each student discovered how everyone learns differently, what type of learner they are and how to best make use of this knowledge.

The theme throughout the day was learning to juggle.

This physical activity is used so that all students are likely to be starting at a low level of experience and therefore start at the same point, irrespective of their academic ability.

After only five minutes, the students who had paid close attention to the instructions were enjoying success which was the lesson to be learnt.

Students then produced a ‘brain frame' to help them prepare for their exams, the introduction of pattern and colour in their notes involved both left and right sides of the brain.

The students are therefore more likely to remember the information for longer.

Liz McClatchie, head of year, commented that staff talk a great deal of what to revise and how to prepare for exams.

"This event has given the students the reasoning why and what will work best for them, as an individual.

"It has been a tremendously positive day. We now hope that the students will put into practice the knowledge that they have gained today so that they can be proud of their achievements in this summers' examinations."

Headteacher Bob Elsey explained that the intention of the day, from the school's perspective, was an attempt to inspire students to prepare more effectively for the GCSEs.

"At the same time the students learn a little more about themselves and develop a life-skill in an enjoyable and interesting way."