Hello Chums,

Dave thought it was a laugh that they’d named the new British space probe after a dog! ‘And it’s got a ‘paw’, too!’ he chuckled.

‘That’s what they call the moveable platform thingy that carries all the instruments.’

‘It stands for Position Adjustable Workbench,’ said Mike, knowledgably, ‘and the Beagle isn’t named after a dog, it’s named after the ship Darwin sailed round the world in.’

‘Well,’ said Fiona, jumping to Dave’s defense, ‘ that was named after a dog, so it’s the same thing.

Anyway, they only came up with PAW as a bit of a joke.

What if the probe had been named after another animal, like...er..’

‘A pig?’ suggested Piggy, rather predictably. (her dad’s a pig farmer). ‘Then they’d have had to have a TROTTER! I bet they couldn’t have named their robot limb after that!’

‘Hang on,’ said Mike, pulling a scrap of paper and a pen from his pocket .

‘What about,’ he said, after scribbling for a few moments, ‘Totalling ReOrientating Table Top Equipment Rig!’

‘Alright, clever-clogs!’ said Dave. ‘I don’t even know what some of that means! As far as I’m concerned that thingsan arm with equipment stacked on moveable ends.’

‘Just a mo,’ I said, ‘Arm With Equip... A,W,E...that’s not just clever, that’s, AWESOME!’

‘Is it?’ replied Dave, looking puzzled. ‘Oh, yeah, I suppose it is!’

See you soon

Luv Junior