Hello Chums,

A few days ago I popped into Galloper Grange gardens to see ‘Dim’ Dave and Sam Soyle, the gardener. I found them in the potting shed discussing that Sunday’s cricket match between Puck’s Hassle and Grumbly Bottom, in which Sam had carried his bat through the entire innings and scored 157 not out.

‘You’d have a job scoring 157 if you didn’t carry your bat,’ observed Dave, quite seriously.

‘Garn! I means I wuz at the wicket fer the whole innin’s,’ growled Sam. ‘I made a record opening stand on Sunday!’

‘I don’t know when you find time for woodwork,’ commented Dave, ‘you seem to spend all your spare time playing cricket.’

‘Eh?’ responded Sam. ‘Ooz talkin’ about woodwork? I’m atellin’ ee about my battin’. You should’ve seem me adealin’ with their Chinaman in the first over!’

‘I didn’t know Puck’s Hassle had overseas players,’ said Dave.

‘...and’ continued Sam, ‘the way I wuz adrivin’ them bouncers through the outfield!’

‘Doesn’t that leave tyre-marks on the pitch?’ queried my moth-brained mate.

‘Don’t be daft!’ said Sam, ‘they’z all cricketing expressions.’

‘Oh! I see!’ said Dave. ‘You’re talking about how you coped with different people’s bowling!’

‘Ar,’ agreed Sam, ‘ mind ee, I reckon I wuz best when I wuz sweepin’ the vicar’s and cuttin’ the doctor’s.’

‘Batting strokes!’ exclaimed Dave.

‘No!’ relied Sam, mischeviously, ‘I did a spot o’ gardenin’ fer ‘em after the match!’

See you soon

Luv Junior