Hello Chums,

'I can't believe it!' said Fiona, 'no-one would dare - would they?'

She was talking about the girl who wrote her school essay in mobile text language!

'It's true,' I replied, 'she came from somewhere in Scotland and she said she found it easier than writing in ordinary English!'

'Aye, well, tha't's nay surprising' commented Hamish, who comes "fray north o' the border" himself.

'I've always thought that English was nerry a dawlin' tavey, d'y'ken!'

'Beg pardon?' said Dave.

'Yon scrawley boggin's a bawl o' sturry,' replied Hamish, 'wi' a canny wee fayster.'

'If they talk like that in Scotland,' said Fiona, 'no wonder the poor girl found it easier to use text-talk!'

'If everyone wrote in text, it would save a lot of paper too,' I suggested, jotting down a few ideas. 'How about this?'

' "RE ûR + chmbr Ccrts" ' read Dave, over my shoulder. 'What's that?'

'RE, that's Har-ry,' I translated , 'and that U with a thing over it, is a pot. See! R-E-Pot-R and the Chamber of Secrets!'

'If you re-wrote the whole book like that,' said Fiona, 'it would take ages to read.'

'Not once you got used to it,' I insisted. 'and just look at the advantages.

You could get all three volumes of The Lord of the Rings into one paperback! See!' I continued, writing "G+alf". 'That's G-and-alf, Gandalf! And what about,' I scribbled again, "--->gorn". 'That's Arrow-gorn, Aragorn! Get it?'

'How about this?' growled a voice, and Ed held a sheet of paper in front of my face. On it was written, "Get

Wth 2+2=4 wrk or U R frd!"

See you soon

Luv Junior