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Junior’s Journal - 13th May, 2003

More ramblings from our JNM office junior:-

Hello Chums,

Here's a riddle; what is it at the JNM that gets bigger every year? I'll give you a clue - it's not my salary! No, it's Ed's waistline.

Although he won't admit it, Ed has been fighting a battle with his bulge for years and the winners, on points, have been the cream buns and jam doughnuts!

A while back he tried signing up with 'Waist Disposal', a slimming club run by Tracy Trimbody, but in the end, even she gave-up on the challenge.

As she told me, 'Ed will do almost anything to lose weight - except take more exercise and eat less food!'

That's why he sat up and took notice when I pointed out a story in last week's paper.

'There are a group of scientists here,' I told him, 'who guarantee that you'll lose weight - and you don't have to move a muscle!'

'I suppose that includes the ones in your jaw,' replied Ed scornfully. 'If those diets don't involve daily visits to the gym, they rely on lettuce leaves and carrot juice!'

'Nope!' I said, 'With this system you can eat what you like. Mind you it’s expensive. It costs £2,000 a time.'

Ed frowned at that. 'How long does the treatment last,' he asked, doubtfully.

'About thirty seconds!' I answered with a grin and went on to explain. 'They take you up high in a converted jumbo-jet.

Then they dive like crazy and when the plane pulls-up it creates weightless conditions in the cabin! It's like being in zero-gravity, so you weigh nothing….!'

'…but remain the same size,' concluded Ed, disappointedly. 'No thanks, if it comes to diving, I’ll stick with the belly flop!’

See you soon

Luv Junior


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