Hello Chums,

'That's funny,' said Ida Down, Ed's secretary. I'd just taken in the morning post and whilst Ed was rummaging through his mail, Ida was scanning the front page of his daily paper.

'What is?' growled Ed, 'I could do with being amused.'

'Not funny, ha ha; funny peculiar,' replied Ida. 'There's a scientist here, who's written a formula for happiness! Look,' and she held up the page for us to see. The formula in question looked like this: Happiness = P+(5XE)+(3XH).

'Well, it hasn't cheered me up,' scowled Ed, after he'd studied the article for a while.

'It doesn't work like that,' said Ida. 'The P stands for Personality and the other letters represent different aspects of your character. If you've got the right combination, you're a happy person!'

'I must be missing some of the ingredients, then!' observed Ed, glumly, searching round his desk for a paper knife to begin opening his letters.

'You used it to peel an apple yesterday,' I reminded him, 'I'll get it from the kitchen.' By the time I returned, Ed had the newspaper spread out in front of him and was busy jotting notes on the margin.

'You know, there may be something in this after all,' he remarked. 'I've come up with a formula of my own and I feel better already!'

'Let's have look,' I said, peering over his shoulder. 'Happiness = J + (TX2)+>>,' I read. 'What does that mean?'

'The J stands for Junior,' explained Ed, 'making Tea for two plus a couple of slices of cake! Get back to that kitchen and get on with it!'

See you soon

Luv Junior