Junior’s Journal

Hello Chums,

‘That’s right!’ said Arry, ‘car boot sales! You bung yer boot full of stuff you don’t need anymore and flog it down the car park on Sunday morning! You can make a bomb!’

‘Really?’ said Ed, in amazement.

‘Er, Junior, I might need your assistance this weekend. Not that I’m interested in making money you understand, but it sounds like a useful way to clear out my attic!’

I was pretty sure who’d be doing the clearing - me, but as it turned out, I needn’t have worried. You see, Ed’s one of those people who can’t bear to throw anything away.

His loft is crammed with things he thinks might still come in useful.

He made a list and it included things like a pile of old Winifred Attwell 78s. No, I don’t know what they are either and, when I asked Ed, he said to ask my gran.

Also on the list were an armchair with the springs sticking out and a broom with no head and only half a handle! There was a rotary clothes line with no line and a black and white telly with no tube.

He’s even got a stuffed armadillo, though how THAT could ever come in useful I don’t know! He’s GOT a load of old junk but he didn’t want to PART with any of it.

There was only one thing he found that he didn’t want and that turned out to be the water cistern!

Still, he did get along to the sale in the end and lots of things got sold - mostly to Ed! In fact, one of the things he had to buy was a foof rack to carry everything home!

See you soon Luv Junior