Hello Chums,

Do you remember ‘Portly’, the pet parrot at the Mucky Axle Transport caff? Every year, when his owner takes a holiday, Portly spends two weeks at the JNM offices.

Ed has become quite attached to our chatty chum so, you can imagine the panic when we arrived at work one morning to find the cage open and Portly missing!

He’s been parrot-napped!’ wailed Ed.

Quick, call the police!’ and he grabbed the phone and stabbed at the buttons.

Now, what he didn’t know was that Portly had flown upstairs and had knocked the receiver off the telephone extension! So, Ed wasn’t talking to the police station but to the parrot!

‘Hello?’ he gasped, ‘I want to report a purloined parrot!’

‘Wotcha name?’ chirped Portly, repeating what every customer at the caff always asked him.

‘This is the editor of the Junior News & Mail,’ replied Ed, pompously, ‘and I want someone on this case at once! Preferably the Flying Squad! You’re looking for a grey parrot with a green tail.’

‘Who’s a pretty boy then?’ croaked Portly.

‘Yes, yes, he’s very smart,’ agreed Ed, impatiently, ‘now, is there anything else you need?’

‘Double bacon and eggs!’ responded Portly.

‘Good grief man, you haven’t got time for breakfast,’ spluttered Ed, ‘ he could be miles away by now!’

‘Any help?’ I asked, as Ed replaced the reciever.

‘Not much,’ Said Ed, glumly, ‘ If you ask me, the chap was a bit of a bird brain!

See you soon

Luv Junior