Hello Chums,

When I read out a story about scientists inventing a robot that could recognise different people, Hamish wasnay impressed, d’k’ken. (Well, he's Scottish!)

'Ma relative, Angus 'Rivet' McCrab,' he told me, 'designed a 'mechanical butler' that could do that, back in nineteen-o-something, when he was Laird o' Castle Proone.

'He taught it tay group people intay three categories, d'y'ken? (told you) There were those that it didna know at all, and they were refused entrance tay the Castle altaygether.

The doors were locked and an alarm alerted Angus, wherever he was.

'Then there were people it did recognised but still couldna let in. Like the postman and the milkman.

'The third group was made up of all Angus's friends and relatives. They were allowed to come and go as they liked.

It took weeks tay set it all up, mind. Angus had tay tack everybody's photograph and feed it intay the machine's memory. It was a lot o’ fuss. His cousin Robbie was particularly annoyed. He complained about having tay travel all the way fray Inverapoond and demanded Angus paid his expenses! Still, in the end it was all finished and the 'butler' went on duty.'

'And was it successful?' I asked.

'Noo. The castle was burgled the verra first week and all Angus's valuables were stolen!'

'How come?'

'The burglar turned out tay be his Cousin Robbie! He’d been working out how tay get intay the castle unnoticed for years! He took the lot and disappeared tay South America!’

See you soon

Luv Junior