Junior’s Journal

Hello Chums,

You could have knocked me down with a road map when Ed announced that he was changing his car.

I thought he'd never part with his rusty old - sorry, trusty, old Postlethwaite Open Tourer.

Mind you, Ed's about the only thing that hasn't parted company in that regard.

A couple of the doors fell off years ago and it's only the paint that keeps other parts of the bodywork together.

What didn't surprise me was the news that it was 'Oily' Wragge, proprietor of the local garage, who had found the replacement.

Oily's been grumbling for ages about how difficult it is to carry out repairs, on account of there being no spares available.

He's been forced to use all sorts of odd items like the large, brass door knob he's fitted on the driver's door.

I suppose it wouldn't look so bad if it wasn't for the attached letterbox and door-knocker!

'It's arriving tomorrow!' Ed told us, eagerly, and I should have been suspicious right away, about his enthusiasm to send the old wreck to that great scrap-heap in the sky.

'I'm picking it up on my way to work,' he continued, and that's why we were all waiting in the yard at the back of the JNM offices, next morning.

Imagine then, our surprise and disappointment when the car that appeared round the corner was ….a Postlethwaite Open Tourer!

'Where's your new car?' I asked, as Ed removed the door and stepped down.

'This is it!' he replied. 'It was a piece of luck old Oily picking up the only other Postlethwaite still on the road. He reckons he'll be able to build one decent car from all the bits!'

See you soon

Luv Junior