Hello Chums,

It's April 1 and that reminded me of a story Sam told me about when he was a 'young chap'.

One day, new neighbours moved in next door to the Soyle household and, when Sam spotted their attractive daughter, he 'took a shine to her right away'!

Sam was already working as a gardener at the time, so he picked a big bunch of flowers and trotted over to introduce himself.

'I'm afraid I'm the only one in at the moment,' said the man who opened the door, and when Sam explained, rather bashfully, the purpose of his visit, he added, 'come on in and wait in the lounge.'

The lounge windows looked out onto a garden filled with spring blossoms, which naturally attracted Sam's professional eye.

'I loves April,' he said, 'but then I think I likes June just as much. They'ze both beautiful in their way, bain't they? Mind you,' he wittered on, 'they can both turn a bit unpleasant at times.

They'ze unpredictable that's the trouble.'

'And you think it's a good idea to share your views on April and June with me, do you?' said the householder, in a less friendly tone.

'May as well,' said Sam, affably, at which point Sam said, 'he told me I was a disgrace and chucked me out of the house!'

'Why did he do that?' I asked.

'Well, how wuz I t'know he had three daughters and he'd called 'em April, May and June!' replied Sam.

See you soon

Luv Junior