Hello Chums,

It was the Annual General Meeting of Ed's Bowls Club last Friday and the Treasurer's report didn't make pleasant reading.

'He said it was time some of us paid our way!' Ed told us later. 'Blooming cheek! He said we could start by organising some fund raising and when I said, oh yes, and how did we go about doing that, he said he'd seen a story in the news about a boy who'd won a pair of David Beckham's footy boots in a competition and was having them auctioned and couldn't we auction some of our old equipment?'

'Daft idea!' scoffed Ed, Can't see that selling a pair of secondhand boots would improve our finances much!'

'They said on the news that the Beckham boots were worth around two thousand pounds!' I pointed out.

'TWO THOUSAND POUNDS!!' spluttered Ed. 'What're they made of? Gold?'

'I could donate a pair of my old trainers,' suggested Dave, 'if it would help.'

'The pong would help - to clear the auction room!' I grinned. 'And I'd certainly pay you - NOT to donate them! Anyway,' I added, turning to Ed, 'just how much are they likely to raise your fees by?'

'They could get into three figures,' he replied, emphatically.

'What? Over a hundred pounds?'

'No, two-pounds, fifty! But that's a big increase from 50p!'

'Blimey!' retorted Arry, 'if that's all you've bin coughin' up, no wonder the Treasurer's "puttin' the boot in"!'

See you soon

Luv Junior