Hello Chums

When Fiona and Dave popped into the JNM offices the other day, Fiona wanted to know all about the toyland competition Ed was preparing but Dave was more interested in describing his birthday trip to the local restaurant.

'We had a really nice waiter,' he told us, 'now, what was his name…?'

'Noddy!' smiled Fiona, studying one of the pictures on Ed's desk. 'Oh, I like him. He's a kind of….'

'Alf,' recalled Dave, as the name surfaced in his memory.

'That's right! He's an elf!' agreed Fiona. 'Only it's confusing cos there are all sorts of fairies you know,' and she began counting them off on her fingers. ' Imps, leprechauns, dwarves…'

'…lettuce, sweetcorn, tomatos!' enthused Dave, 'it's all there on display and you just go and take your pick, see?'

'Pixie! Yes, that's another one,' continued Fi, 'and then there's your brownie…'

'I had one of those, all covered in custard,' said Dave, 'it was delicious!'


'I certainly was - and there were seconds! In the end, I was so full I had to say, no more!'

'Gnome or - troll,' nodded Fi.

'In fact,' Dave gabbled on, 'Dad thought it was so good that he took the restaurants telephone number…'

'I wonder why Noddy has a bell on his hat?' mused Fi.

'..so he can give it a ring!' said Dave, ' and make another booking!’

See you soon Luv Junior