Hello Chums,

Our special 'Birdwatchers' edition, reminded me of last Autumn when Hamish's uncle, Hiram J Porkbender McCrab, was visiting from the States. When he overheard Dave planning a birdwatching trip he asked if he 'could tag along'!

The first thing they spotted was a robin but Hiram wasn't impressed.

'Back in the US of A,' he said, dismissively, 'the robins are four times that size. Yessiree! When they come bob, bob, bobbing along the local moggies run and hide!' Further along the trail Dave pointed excitedly to a woodpecker drumming on a rotten tree trunk but to no avail.

'I trained a giant woodpecker to fell trees in the redwood forests back home,' said Hamish. 'In a week, he could cut enough timber to build a log cabin!'

After that Dave kept quiet until they emerged onto an open hillside and then he couldn't hide his enthusiasm, 'Look!' he exclaimed, 'a buzzard! Isn't it fantastic!'

'Pah!' scoffed Hiram. 'In Texas when the buzzards fly over they raise dust storms on the prairie with their wings!'

Dave had had enough by then, so he took a short-cut back towards Grumbly Bottom and emerged on the recreation ground next to the village pond. The November 5 bonfire was under construction at the time and Hiram, never having heard of Guy Fawkes, stared at the huge pile of branches and logs in surprise. 'That's mighty strange,' he remarked.

'Certainly is,' replied Dave, 'the council usually clear away the duck's nest as soon as the eggs have hatched!'

See you soon

Luv Junior