Hello Chums,

'Rapunzel?' said Hamish, as he watched Ed preparing this week's competition. 'Wasna' that the wee lassie who used her hair tay escape fray her tower prison?'

'That's right,' agreed Ed.

'It puts me in mind,' continued our Scottish mate, 'of an ancestor o' mine.

'It was centuries ago and Edgar McCrab had been in a fight wi' his enemy, 'Dirtyfoot' McFingal. Edgar had come off the worse and the last thing he heard before he lost consciousness was McFingal saying, "Throw him intay the tower…."

'He came-to in a dark, dingy prison. There was one window high in the corner o' one wall and, when Edgar peered up at it, he could see that the bars which covered it were ancient and rusty. He was sure that he could climb the wall and break through the bars, but first he would need tay make a rope tay climb down fray the tower.

'So he let his hair and his beard grow - and after three months it was long enough tay weave 30 centimetres o' rope!'

'Blimey!' exclaimed Arry, 'it woulda taken years at that rate!'

'Aye,' nodded Hamish,'but Edgar had plenty o' time! Seven years later he decided it was time for his escape! He spent the next two months cutting hand holds intay the wall and then he scaled the stonework and looked through his window.'

'And was he able to climb down?' asked Ed.

'No,' replied Hamish, 'because he discovered he wasna in a tower. What McFingal and said was, "Throw him intay the tower dungeon,"! He was six feet below ground level!'

See you soon

Luv Junior.