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Junior’s Journal - 25th February, 2003

More ramblings from our JNM office junior:-

Hello Chums,

The other day I heard a radio interview with a couple of guys who played in a vegetable orchestra! Honest! Apparently all the instruments were made out of carrots and leeks and stuff! I was sure Sam Soyle, the gardener up at at Galloper Grange, would find the story amusing but he wasn't as surprised as I thought he'd be.

'Ar, well, they'ze versatile is veggies,' he said, knowingly. 'So's herbs,' he added, nodding in the direction of a collection of plants at the edge of the Grange's kitchen garden.

'You can use herbs for all kind of things. You can make a nice bit of stuffing, if you got a bit of thyme.'

'Why, how long does it take?' asked Dave, who had joined us in the potting shed.

'Don't take no time at all,' replied Sam.

'But I thought you just said you needed a bit of time,' said Dave, in surprise.

'So you do!' insisted Sam, 'but it don't take long. Oregano- that's nice too'

'Isn't that were you went on holiday?' asked Dave, who was getting more and more confused.

‘Beautiful bay…' continued Sam.

'By the sea, is it?' said Dave.

'Look' I interrupted, 'Sam's talking about herbs! Thyme, oregano, bay; they're all herbs.'

'Course they is,' nodded Sam. 'Mind you, you can't do better than Rosemary and Basil.'

'Ah, I see, and they're herbs too!' said Dave, as the penny dropped at last.

'Don't be daft!' retorted Sam, with a mischievous glint in his eye, 'they'ze the couple who runs the market garden down the road!'

See you soon

Luv Junior


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