Junior’s Journal

Hello Chums,

Spring has sprung! And the change in the weather has had a strange effect on Ed'.

It's the same every year.

One day he's a normal, mean, grouchy, slave-driving editor and the next he's - well, an ABnormal, mean, grouchy, slave-driving editor!

I knew something was up as soon as I took in his Monday morning post.

For a start he wasn't in his usual pin-stripe suit and bow tie.

He was wearing corduroy trousers tied round the waist with string, a shirt with no collar and a red-spotted hanky round his neck.

He had a floppy hat shaped like a flowerpot and green wellies. Apart from that he looked the same as any other day.

'Morning,' I said, determined not to ask why he was dressed like an ornamental gnome, 'nice day.'

'It certainly is!' he replied, enthusiastically. 'The sap's rising you know!'

'Yes, I noticed you were up early!' I quipped.

'On a day like this,' Ed continued, ignoring my remark, 'I feel the call of nature!'

'Well,' I said, 'when you gotta go, you gotta go!'

'I mean,' insisted Ed, 'that I am summoned by the soil! Lured to the land! My inner being has become attuned to the earth!'

'Perhaps an aspirin would help?' I suggested.

'Nonsense!' retorted Ed, dismissively. 'What I need is to experience the great outdoors. Commune with the cabbages, chat to the chives, ramble through the rhubarb!'

'Oh, I see,' I said, finally getting his drift. 'Still, it seems a lot of trouble to go to, for a visit to the greengrocer!'

See you soon

Luv Junior