Hello Chums,

'If you made-up stories like this, nobody'd believe 'em!' Ed chortled. He was referring to last week's news of an inflatable church. There was a picture in his morning paper showing it to be just like a bouncy castle - except that it had pointy windows and a steeple and inside there were blow-up candles and pews!

'It's not such a new idea,' commented Ida Down, Ed's secretary. 'A few years ago, when St Mildew's was having the roof repaired, the Reverend Newt-Skinner hired a bouncy castle for the Harvest Festival.'

'Really?' said Ed, in surprise. 'How did that go down with the parishioners?'

'Quite quickly!' smiled Ida. 'After Winifred Goatprodder used a hat pin to attach the list of hymns to one of the walls! There was a very rude noise and the whole thing collapsed. Fortunately, the vicar had cycled to the service.'

'Eh? How did that help?'

'Well, he had a puncture repair outfit in his saddle-bag! After he'd fixed the leak, the members of the choir took it in turns with the bicycle pump but they couldn't get the thing back up.'

'Surely those bouncy castles have a motorised pump to keep them filled with air?' I suggested.

'Yes, but it was expensive to run. Still, in the end there was no choice and the vicar asked the congregation to give generously to the collection to help pay the costs - which, as he pointed out, were the result of inflation!'

See you soon

Luv Junior