Hello Chums

Adrian Spruce Veneer is the snobby antique dealer with a shop just down from the JNM offices. He's so stuck-up that when Ed wanted to discuss an article he was writing and asked him round to the office for a cup of tea, Adrian brought his own bone-china cup and saucer and a packet of Earl Grey!

His proudest possession is his Rolls Royce, so I could understand how "Oily" Wragg felt when I popped into his garage the other day, to buy a tube of fruit gums, and found him staring unhappily at the big, white car.

'It's in for a service,' said Oily, as I joined him next to the limo. 'I picked it up from Adrian's home this morning.

'Whilst I was out collecting it, a cyclist called into the shop here and bought a can of paint to spray his bike. It's a nice morning, so he decided to prop the cycle up on the forecourt and do the work here.

'I didn't spot him when I got back and he was too busy to notice as I backed the 'Roller' in next to where he was spraying. It was only after he'd gone that I came out to check the car over and found this,' and he pointed gloomily at the passenger door.

On it was the shape of a bicycle outlined in bright pink paint!

'The bike frame acted like a stencil!' said Oily. 'Adrian'll go mad and he'll blame me! It's not fair - it wasn't my fault!'

'Maybe not,' I agreed, 'but it certainly looks like you've been "framed"!'

See you soon, Luv Junior