Hello Chums,

Fiona and I were discussing the new Harry Potter movie which is out soon.

‘I think Hogwarts is in Scotland,’ said Fiona, ‘after all, they always travel north to get there and there are mountains nearby.

‘’Ay,’ responded Hamish, who had been showing an unexpected interest in our conversation, ‘it may well be based on ma own family hame, Castle Proone! One o’ ma ancestors once set up a school there, d’y’ken? And,’ he added, significantly, ‘word had it that Moira McCrab, the headmistress, was a witch, too!’

‘One Hallowe’en, a school inspector arrived fray Inverapoond and he made it clear that if he found anything ‘unusual’, he would close the school down! “I hope,” he told Moira, as they walked tay the first class, “that you place importance on the teaching of the three Rs?”

‘“Aye, of course,” she replied, “at the moment we’re reading, Useful Curses for Difficult Situations.”

‘“Curses!?” said the inspector, raising an eyebrow, and making a note, “and what about writing?”

“It’s spelling this week,” Moira told him. “With the emphasis on the ‘spell’. After all, it can make the difference between turning someone intay a bug or a bag!”

‘“It’s worse than I’d heard!” exclaimed the inspector, taking a sip fray the cup o’ tea that Moira had offered him “I shudder to think what your doing for the third ...Ahhhhhhhh!”

‘“Refreshments!” smiled Moira, picking up the wee frog sitting among the remains o’ the tea cup and tossing it intay the castle moat!’

See you soon

Luv Junior