Hello Chums,

'When ma ancestor, Angus McCrab was living in Castle Proone,' began Hamish, 'his life was made a misery by a a mischievous poltergeist. On one occasion Angus found his bath water turning tay ice, and only just escaped before his loofer was frozen tay the soap rack! After that, he had tay add anti-freeze tay his shower gel.

‘Things came tay a heed one day when he was driving hame and, as he came o'er the top o' the mountain and began the steep descent tay the castle, he realised that his brake pedal had become his accelerator!

'"When I get my hands on that ghost…!" he bellowed as he climbed fray the wreck o' his car and clambered through the hole it had made in the kitchen wall. But that was just the problem o' course - you canna get your hands on a ghost! In the end, Angus paid a visit tay Mistress McMuckle, who was said tay be wise in the ways o' witchery.

'"I dinna care how ye do it," Angus told her, "cast me a spell that will allow me tay deal wi' that foolhardy phantom!"

'"If ye really insist," replied the witch, throwing a handful o’ powder o'er Angus' heed.

Next morning when Angus left his bedroom and shuffled, half asleep across tay the bathroom, he tripped o'er a chest which had been dragged onto the landing, fell doon two flights o' stairs and broke his neck!'

'So the spell didn't work?' said Ed.

'It did that!' retorted Hamish. 'That night there were the sounds o' a terrible fight and after that, the poltergeist was never heard fray again! But' he added with a knowing smile, 'Angus has haunted the corridors o' Castle Proone ever since!'

See you soon

Luv Junior