Hello Chums,

When a group of scientists announced recently that they had proved that there were no such things as ghosts, Hamish wasn't impressed.

'I had an ancestor who once set oot tay prove the same thing,' he told us.

'Castle Proone, was said tay be one o' the most haunted buildings in Scotland but Adair (that was his name, d'y'ken) said there were practical, doon-tay-earth explanations for everything.

In particular, the spectral figure who was seen in one o' the castle's corridors at dead o' night.

'”It's just someone sleep-walking!' he declared. 'You mark my words, it'll turn oot tay be one o' the staff!”'

‘To prove his point, Adair nabbed a chap he found cleaning the windows, and asked him tay assist in a wee plan.

'”This is the very corridor where the figure is seen,' he explained. 'Tonight, I'll keep watch at this end, you at the other.

That way we're sure tay find the truth.”

‘Midnight found the two ghost hunters in position but when hours passed wi'oot a sign o' man or beastie, Adair decided tay call it a night and he trotted round the bend in the corridor tay tell his assistant tay be off tay his bed.

To his astonishment there was no-one tay be seen! The corridor was empty! There was only one door and the room beyond was deserted.

Further along the corridor came tay an end wi' a blank wall.

‘It seemed that Adair had been employing the ghostie himself in an attempt tay prove he didn't exist!'

'Still' I said, ' he was right about it being one of the servants, wasn't he?'

See you soon

Luv Junior