Hello Chums,

Last Monday, Ed decided to rearrange his office furniture.

On Tuesday, he bashed his knee on his desk. On Wednesday he knocked Ida's prize cactus off the windowsill with the back of his chair and on Thursday he tripped over the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet and dropped a full cup of tea into his briefcase!

They say that if you thumped one of those really big dinosaurs on the tail it took ten minutes for the brain to find out and tell it to say, 'Ouch!'. Well, it's a bit like that with Ed, cos it wasn't 'til Friday that he got the message.

That was when he took the phone book off the shelf and the three box files it had been propping up fell onto the switch that turns on the paper shredder. Unfortunately, the belt of his raincoat was dangling into the top of the shredder!

Ed grabbed at his coat , knocked the coat-rack through the window and got his foot caught round the lead to his computer, ripping all the wires out of the back. Then he turned round, tripped over the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet, (which he'd left open again,) and tried to save himself by grabbing the edge of his desk. He missed, and grabbed the edge of the tea tray instead, catapulting the teapot across the office were it smashed above the doorway just as Mr Cashpoint, Ed's bank manager, trotted in for a meeting about Ed's overdraft!

Yesterday we put all the furniture back where it was in the first place!

See you soon

Luv Junior