Hello Chums

Did you see David Attenborough's last TV prog? The one with all the monkeys? Fiona said it reminded her of a visit she made to the zoo last year.

'It was a sunny day,' she told us, 'and I was wearing my sunglasses…'

'Wouldn't have made any difference if it had been raining,' commented Mike, 'you'd still have had your shades on! You wear them cos you think they look cool.'

'..and I'd pushed them,' continued Fi, ignoring him, 'up onto the top of my head.'

'See!' exclaimed Mike, 'proves my point! That's the sign of a real poser!'

'Do you want to hear this story or not?' retorted Fiona. ‘'Right,’ she continued, after a moment’s silence, 'I was having my photo taken and I posed..' Mike sniggered and Fi gave him a look that would have made stainless steel rust, '…I POSED, in front of the monkey's enclosure. And when I leaned back, a monkey grabbed my glasses and carried them to the top of a tree! Pilfering little primate'

'Ah, but animals communicate in a different way to humans,' said Mike. 'In monkey behaviour that was probably a compliment!'

'And how do you work that out?' replied Fiona in disbelieve.

'Well, you know how people toast each other at banquets and things? Like, "Ladies and gentleman, The Queen! …sort of thing?"

'Ye-es,' agreed Fi, uncertainly.

'Well, that monkey may have been doing the same thing. What do they ask you to do before a toast?'

'Raise your glasses?'

'I rest my case!' said Mike, with a smirk.

See you soon

Luv Junior