Hello Chums,

I've got another musical story this week. It's something Ed saw in the paper and when I told him that nobody would believe it, he said, 'You can't make up stuff as odd as the things that are really happening every day.' See what you think.

It was an item about an organist who's performing the slowest piece of music in the world.

I said, 'Well, it depends how quickly it’s played! It used to take me ages to play "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" on the recorder, cos I had to keep looking to see where I was putting my fingers.'

'This is meant to be slow,' replied Ed. 'It's taking a year-and-a-half to play the first three notes!'

'Blimey!' exclaimed Arry, 'What 'appens if he wants t' go t' the loo?'

'I don't think he's going to be there all the time,' said Ed, 'he'll probably fix the keys down and go on holiday or something. As long as he's back for the next note! Mind you, most of that stuff you listen to,' he added, fixing an eye on me, 'goes on for far too long!

'There's nothing wrong with Radio Meltdown!' I protested, 'the only thing that goes on forever, is you, complaining about it! But this musician, he's going to be dead bored by the time he's finished, isn't he?'

'Well, dead, anyway' said Ed, 'they expect to take 639 years to reach the end!'

'Then there's only one question,' suggested Hamish, 'is he being paid by the hour?'

See you soon

Luv Junior