Hello Chums,

and then the vicar says that we can use the yard at the back of the vicarage to clean the bikes and carry out a bit of maintenance,' I told the members of the Grumbly Bottom Mountain Bike Club.

But it turned out that they weren't the only ones listening.

Spotty Mulligan and his cronies were lurking just outside the door and, when we turned up at the vicarage that Saturday morning they were all ready in the yard - well, all over it actually.

'This is handy, isn't it?' grinned Spotty, indicating the wheels and chains strewn around everywhere.

Reckon we can get everything adjusted, oiled and washed in time for the Fun Run Cycle Ride tomorrow.

We might even win the £20 first prize! Meanwhile,' he added, more menacingly, 'you lot can push off till we've finished!'

'That's not fair!' retorted Fiona, 'and besides the vicar said…'

'.. that he'd have tea and buns ready for us in the garden at eleven, ' I interrupted, 'Let's come back then, it's not worth arguing.'

Two hours later, we did return, to find Spotty and Co. lounging on the lawn and enjoying our elevenses!

'Oh dear!' said Spotty, sarcastically, 'did we get your grub, too? Whatta pity!'

'Isn't it?' I agreed. 'But did you realise that the vicar said we could use the yard IF we cleared out his garage first? He said to make sure we finished by eleven cos that's when the dustcart would arrive to take everything away to the dump.

Oh look! I think that's them leaving now!'

'Our bikes!!!' screamed Spotty, but it was too late.

See you soon

Luv Junior