Hello Chums,

'You know how,' I confided to Mike, ‘people write things like ‘SWALK’ on the back of envelopes?'

'Sealed With A Loving Kiss,' replied Mike, 'Yes, 'course I know. Why?'

'Well, I saw Dave writing ILPH on an envelope just now. What does that stands for?'

'ILPH? Mmm, well, it's obviously, 'I Love' and then somebody's initials. Who do we know whose name starts with a 'P'?'

We puzzled about it for a some time and then Mike exclaimed, 'I know - it's a name that begins with a 'P' but doesn't sound like it does! It's Phylis - Phylis Hackencoff! Everyone calls her 'Filly' for short.'

'Right!' I leered. 'here comes Dave now! Hey! Dave, what's this I hear about you and a certain 'Filly'?

'What do you know about that?' he asked in surprise. 'It's supposed to be a secret.'

'I bet it is!' I grinned, 'you wait till they hear about your new girlfriend up at the Galloper Grange stables!'

I was sure Dave would be squirming with embarrassment but he didn't even go red!

It was just then that Fiona trotted up. 'Ah, Dave,' she greeted him, 'have you got the ILPH letter yet?'

'From Phylis!' I interrupted.

'Phylis?' frowned Dave, 'No, from the International League for the Protection of Horses! They help horses that haven't been looked after properly and we've agreed to stable one up at the Grange! My new girlfriend is a filly, called ‘Girl’ - not a girl called ‘Filly’!’

See you soon

Luv Junior