Hello Chums,

When Ed asked for ideas for decorating the outside of the JNM offices this Christmas, Arry said that his trader brother had a giant, inflatable Santa Claus that would be just the thing.

"He can come along after work and put it up," said Arry.

"Then I won't see it until tomorrow," replied Ed, importantly, "because I'm switching on the Christmas lights in the town tonight and I've got to leave early to get ready.

"The mayor asked me if I could say a few words," continued the old bighead, "and I said I was sure I could rise to the occasion!"

Arry's brother didn't arrive until after dark cos he'd had a spot of bother finding something to blow-up the Santa. All he could get his hands on were a couple of bottles of helium, which, if you've ever bought a balloon on a string, you will know, is lighter than air. Still, Arry's brother decided that once he'd tied the figure tight to the flagpole on top of the building, it would be fine. He'd already fixed a rope round the Santa's waist and he looped the other end round the front door handle and popped off to get a ladder.

A couple of minutes later Ed turned up! He'd forgotten his speech and was annoyed to find something tangled round the door-knob. When he pulled it free there was a tug and he found himself lifted off the ground! He was too scared to let go so, as the Santa drifted down the street, he drifted along with it - about 5 metres above the ground!

In the square, the mayor was standing on his balcony, waiting impatiently, and you can imagine his surprise when Ed sailed up to the rail and climbed over!

"Well," I said to Ida, as the crowd cheered wildly, "he said he'd rise to the occasion!"

Merry Christmas!

Luv Junior