Hello Chums,

'Whatever happened to the satchel?' mused Ed, as he stood at his office window and watched the pupils making their way to the local school. 'You know,' he prompted, seeing the frown on my face, ‘leather things with a couple of buckles.’

'Oh, sandles,' I suggested.

'No! Bags! With a shoulder strap - for carrying your school books! Look at ’em, they've all got those backpacks these days. I mean, what have they got in them, eh? See that lad? He looks more like he's setting out for a trek in the Himalayas than a trot round to the comprehensive! The size of that bag - if he put an engine in it, he could drive to school - and give one of his mates a lift!'

'Well.' I replied, ticking the items off on my fingers, 'there's his books, his footie boots, a pair of trainers, the rest of his games kit, his lunch box…'

'Ah, his lunch box,' repeated Ed, 'course, I had school dinners in my day. A proper cooked meal to keep me going! Brussels sprouts, rhubarb crumble…'

'I bet they kept you going!' I grinned.

'You may scoff,' retorted Ed, 'but a chocolate bar is no substitute for a square meal.'

'A choccy bar is a square meal,' I pointed out, 'and scoffing it's the general idea!'

'You know what I mean. After all, you are what you eat.'

'If that was true, my mate Dave would be a giant potato crisp!' I said. 'Fiona would be a walnut whip and Mike would look like a pot noodle! Come to think of it, he does! So maybe you've got a point after all!'

See you soon

Luv Junior