Hello Chums,

All right! I know what you're asking! Did I get a Valentine's Card from Fiona Prance-Lightly? Last year she sent one to me at the JNM and everyone there pulled my leg about it for weeks. This year, on the fourteenth, I got to the office really early, grabbed the mail, sprinted up the stairs and began checking through to see if there was anything suspicious. Straight away I spotted a big, pink-coloured envelope with a perfumey pong and rows of lacey hearts around the edge. This, I thought, is obviously the one but, when I turned it over, I discovered it was addressed to Ed!

I could hardly believe my luck! Fiona belongs to the pony club and last year, after Ed found her card among the morning post, he kept on making jokes about me being 'saddled' with a horsey girlfriend!

'Ho ho!' he chortled, 'you won't be able to shake her off, now she's 'got the bit between her teeth!' He even offered to have a 'whip' round to buy me a riding hat!

This card was a brill opportunity to get my own back!

I waited till Ida, Hamish and Arry were all nearby and then I trotted into Ed's office and announced, in a loud voice, 'Valentine's card for Ed!'

As everyone crowded round, Ed, who had turned bright red, opened the envelope and peered inside.

'There's another envelope inside,' he told us, 'and a note. It says, "Ed, please give this card to darling Ju Ju!"'

Grr! Women! Yech!

See you soon

Luv Junior