Hello Chums,

When Hamish told us that this week's Monsters, Inc. competition reminded him of a story about Castle Proone, we weren't surprised cos Hamish knows hundred of tales about monsters, ghosts and vampires.

'A hundred years or so ago,' he began, 'ma Uncle Fergus decided tay modernise the castle kitchens. They'd been built in the Dark Ages with a giant fireplace for roasting whole oxen and a huge basin for the washing up. He decided tay start wi' the basin, and since it weighed a ton or more, he got a couple o' lads up fray the village tay help.

'When they'd shifted it a couple o' feet they made a discovery. Underneath there was an empty, dark space. One o' the lads fetched a rope and a lantern and lowered himself intay the void.'

'Oh no!' I interrupted, 'and I bet when they pulled the rope back up there was nothing on the other end - or just a skeleton!'

'No, there was a tunnel and fray up ahead came a strange moaning sound. It echoed round the cave walls and made the hairs stand up on the back of his neck!'

'The monster!' said Ed.

'No, it turned oot tay be the beer pumps in the Fiddler's Elbow Inn! One of the castle's owners had dug a secret passage fray the kitchen tay the pub, probably so he could creep awa' for a wee drink wi'oot his wife knowing!'

'It's a good story,' admitted Ed, 'but why did Monsters, Inc. remind you of a secret passage under a giant basin - I don't see the connection.'

'Well, it's obvious,' replied Hamish, 'because of the monster sink, of course!'

See you soon

Luv Junior