Hello Chums,

When ‘Moan & Groan', the JNM printers, announced that they were installing a new, state-of-the-art printing press, Ed couldn't wait to see it in operation.

By the way, the printing works is really run by Mike Owen and George Rowan but if you put the initials of their Christian names with their surnames - well, you get the picture.

Anyway, Ed was ever so excited about their latest purchase.

‘We'll have full-colour on every page!' I heard him telling old Cashpoint, his bank manager, in a telephone conversation. ‘If you want to see the future of the JNM, come round and I'll give you a guided tour!'

‘He's sure to be impressed,' said Ed, as he hung up, ‘which is just as well, cos I'm trying to borrow some extra cash!'

When Ed arrived at the printworks he scurried around peering into everything, despite grumblings from Mike, who was running tests on all the equipment.

‘And I suppose this is one of the ink jet thingies?' said Ed, sticking his head between two supports and squinting into the darkness, at the very moment that Mike shouted, "Watch out!" and pushed a big black button.

When Ed stood back, his head had a bright orange patch right across the middle - and that was exactly when Mr Cashpoint strode into the room!

‘Well here it is, the future of the JNM!' beamed Ed, quite unaware of what had happened.

‘Quite so,' replied old Cashpoint, with the hint of a smile, ‘and in your case, it seems, the future is orange!'

See you soon Luv Junior