Hello Chums,

I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised really. After all, Dave's got family everywhere. Still, a relative visiting from the Falklands is a bit unusual you gotta agree! Dave brought his cousin Tony down to the youth club the other evening and, naturally, we were all interested in hearing about life on an island in the South Atlantic. Dave soon got confused!

Fiona had just passed round a bag of toffees so, when I asked Tony what he liked to eat back home, we all knew that the subject under discussion was sweeties. All except Dave that is, whose mind was on a completely different track.

'Oh, the usual stuff,' replied Tony, 'my favourite are Penguins.'

'Penguins!' exclaimed bird-lover Dave, picturing Tony's mum stuffing a giant black and white shape into her oven. 'can't you find anything else?'

'Well, I like mints, too,' said Tony, a bit taken aback at Dave's reaction.

'Mince? What sort of mince?' asked Dave suspiciously, his mind rumbling along its branch-line.

'Er, Fox's, I think,' suggested Tony, referring to the famous manufacturer.

'Oh, that's gross!' spluttered Dave, images flying through his mind of the Faulklands' fox population reduced to sausages! 'Heaven knows what you'll be getting your teeth into while you're over here!'

'You're bats!' retorted Tony and Dave's imagination ran completely off the rails and down an embankment!

See you soon

Luv Junior