Hello Chums,

Now, I know that your librarian is a friendly, helpful person, who can't wait to offer assistance but the old dragon in my library, isn't!

She believes that life would be much easier if people didn't keep interrupting her by borrowing books and asking for advice.

When you trot up to her desk with a perfectly reasonable enquiry, like, does she have any titles on yak farming or why can't you find 'Philosophical Essays on Twentieth Century Sociology' under 'F', she makes a point of filing another dozen index cards before she looks up.

That's just what she was doing when Ed joined the queue one day and found me and Mr Cashpoint, Ed's bank manager, already waiting.

'I'm surprised to find you in a library, Junior,' observed Ed, giving Mr C a knowing smile. 'I thought comics were more in your line! What gems of literary art have you got there?' and he prodded the pile of books in front of me.

'"Viking Vampires of Venus, Volume 3"' he read with a chortle. "'Bullwhip Brogan and the Curse of the Cat People"! Dear oh dear, what a load of old rubbish! "Teach yourself Spoonbending"! I don't believe it! How can people fill their brains with this sort of twoddle? Well, I suppose it doesn’t take long, given the size of their brains! Ho,ho! What on earth does anyone see in this stuff, that's what I want to know!'

'Don't ask me,' I replied, with a shrug, 'I just came in to deliver a paper - those are Mr Cashpoint's books!'

See you soon

Luv Junior