Hello Chums,

'Did you see it, then?' asked Mike, enthusiastically.

'Certainly did!' replied Dave. 'I thought it was one of the best yet! What a stadium! What a crowd! What opponents!'

'Yeah, it was wicked wasn't it?' agreed Mike. 'Mind you, I didn't think they’d win.'

'Didn't you? That Sun Fac never impressed me much - even when he was on the wing.'

'Sun Fac? Are you sure you've got the right lot? Isn't he a mate of Jay Jay?'


'No, Okocha. You know, teams up with Femi Opabunmi - who, by the way, is only seventeen and the youngest taking part.. Did you know that?'

'No and I don't believe it. Jango Fett's son can't be more than twelve!'

'Twelve!! Don't be daft! If he was only twelve they wouldn't have picked him. Where's he competing? Kobe, Ulsan?'


'Never heard of it! Where is it, Japan or Korea?'

'Neither, it's the capital of Kamino.'

'They aren't playing any games in Kamino - wherever that is.'

'What games?'

'Football of course! We're talking about the World Cup, aren't we? Who was that chap you said was playing on the wing?'

‘Sun Fac - and I didn't say he was playing on the wing, I just said he was on the wing - flying, that is! He's got wings, four of 'em and I'm not talking about the soccer - I'm talking about the new Star Wars movie!'

See you soon

Luv Junior