Hello Chums,

Arry, the JNM photographer, is mad about soccer so, you can imagine how he felt when Ed insisted that he got some pictures of the arrival of Farmer Muckout's new prize dairy cow, an event which was taking place right in the middle of the England/Brazil World Cup match!

Arry was desperate and that's why he persuaded Ida, Ed's secretary, to take the pictures for him. He spent ages explaining how his camera worked and how to compose the picture and stuff like that and then he made her promise not to tell Ed what was going on.

You can be in the office by nine and Ed'll fink I'm late cos I'm still dahn at the farm!' He told her. 'I'll be watchin' the game at the Stoat and Gaiter, they've gotta giant TV screen and a special breakfast an' everyfink!'

On Friday morning Hamish and I followed England's fortunes on Hamish's portable, up in the Circulation Department attic.

Ed was pretending to be working but I was pretty sure he was watching too, on the big telly in his office, which is there (he says) to keep him in touch with world news!

Meanwhile, down at the Stoat and Gaiter, a barmaid carrying a big tray of World cup breakfasts, tripped over the television lead and pulled the set off the bar, smashing it to bits on the flagstone floor!

So, Arry was the only person not to see the game, cos it turned out that Farmer Muckout had telly installed in the cow sheds to keep the animals company!

See you soon Luv Junior