Hello Chums,

Dave didn't have to look far for a Mother's Day pressie. He helps out up at Galloper Grange where the grounds are covered in spring flowers and Sir Horace told Dave that he could pick as many as he liked.

Trotting along with his eyes to the ground, Dave didn't notice that he'd wandered through a gap in the fencing and into the garden of Sir Horace's neighbour, Colonel Stark-Staring! And that's where he spotted the perfect clump of daffs.

Dave took the flowers back up to the Grange, popped them into a vase and stood them in the hallway, to wait till he went home.

Half an hour later, Sir Horace had two callers. One was a furious Colonel Stark-Staring and the other was PC Andy Cuff!

'I've come to warn you!' bellowed the Colonel, 'there's a thief about! Blasted villain's filched the daffodils I'd promised my cleaning lady for her birthday. Your gardens could be his next target! I've brought the law along to search the grounds'You'd better come in,' said Sir H, ushering the pair inside, where the first thing that confronted the Colonel was Dave's daffs!

'My flowers!!' he roared, stabbing a finger at the display. 'I'd recognise that variety anywhere!'

Naturally, Sir H was at a loss to explain where the daffs had come from so, when Dave arrived to claim them, he found his boss about to be arrested by an embarrassed PC Cuff!

They sorted everything out in the end and the funny thing was that the one person who wouldn't have been affected by the misunderstanding was Dave's mum - cos she's also Colonel Stark-Staring's cleaning lady!

See you soon

Luv Junior