Hello Chums,

'Coo, did you see that story about Antarctica?' asked Mike, 'a bit of ice as big as…thanks Dave. Cornwall has broken off from the mainland and drifted out to sea!'

The interruption to Mike's story was caused by Dave plonking a bag of crisps down on the table.

We were at the youth club and it was Dave's turn to buy the nibbles. As a result, he'd only heard the second half of Mike's announcement and, naturally, he got the wrong end of the stick.

'I suppose that'll put paid to it for the hols, then' he said, gloomily.

'Hols? The weather's a bit extreme down there for a summer holiday, isn't it?' asked Fiona, imagining Dave in a deckchair surrounded by penguins! 'Extreme?' responded Dave, visions of a sun-drenched West Country beach forming in his head.

'Well, you can always go for a paddle to cool off!' 'Rather you than me,' I said, picturing my toes turning blue and then I added knowledgeably, ‘Still, they do get plenty of sun; during the summer it never sets.

That’s why they call it the land of the midnight sun.' 'I didn't know that,' replied Dave, frowning. ‘Mind you, in the middle of the day, it gets hot enough to melt your ices!'

'That's global warming,' said Fi.

'The temperature's going up, the ice is melting and the sea's rising. That’s why that ice has broken off in Antarctica.’ 'Whose talking about Antarctica?' asked Dave. 'We are!!' everyone chorused.

'I think you're all up the pole!' replied Dave.

See you soon Luv Junior