Hello Chums,

'"Rats dream, say scientists," well, I know that already!' said Dave, tossing the newspaper he was reading aside. ‘It's obvious, isn't it?' continued my animal-loving mate. 'You can tell that Cuddles dreams cos he growls in his sleep and jerks his legs - like he's chasing rabbits!'

'Yeah, but Cuddles is a dog,' Fiona pointed out, 'and besides, it might just be indigestion!''

'Look,' interrupted Mike, 'I've got a pet rat, so I can carry out some research! ‘Ratty’ always has a snooze in the afternoon. Tomorrow I'll watch him for an hour and note-down every twitch he makes. Then we can decide if we think he's dreaming!'

Next day, we asked Mike how he got on. 'Ratty wouldn't take his nap,' replied Mike. 'He seemed more interested in what I was doing than going to sleep! I got a note pad and a pencil and pulled an armchair up to his cage and waited - but he just sat there and watched me back!’

'So what happened?' I asked.

'Well, the sun was shining through the window and the room was warm…'

'You went to sleep!' accused Fiona.'

''’Fraid so,' admitted Mike, 'and when I woke-up, Ratty was still watching me!'

'You should have given him the note pad!' I giggled, 'He could have studied you!’

'That's a ridiculous suggestion!' retorted Mike, going red. 'I'm not a rodent!'

'Maybe not,' smiled Fi, 'but your research certainly seems to have made you a little ratty!'

See you soon

Luv Junior