Hello Chums,

Last week, Ed's Aunty Agatha paid a visit and Ed was hoping to prise a big cheque out of his rich old relative to finance a new kitchen.

The trouble was that Aunty has never had a high opinion of her nephew and isn't inclined to cough-up unless she can see signs of what she calls, domestic initiative.

Anyway, Ed was determined to impress and that's why, when he opened the front door to his aunt later that week, he was wearing an apron and his hands were covered in flour!

'Come in, come in!' he beamed, ushering Aunty straight into the kitchen, 'as you can see, I'm busy baking! I've just popped a few hot-cross buns into the oven for elevenses!’

Now, Ed is to cooking what Arnold Swarzanegger is to crochet and although the worktops were covered in an impressive array of Deliah Smith type utensils, Ed had actually bought his buns earlier that morning in the local supermarket! He'd placed them in the oven intending to warm them up when he brewed Aunty's mid-morning cuppa.

Then he planned to present them as evidence of his cookery skills!

'The trouble was,' Ed told us later, 'when I announced that the buns must be ready, Aunty said wasn't it lucky that she noticed earlier that I'd forgotten to switch on the oven and had done it herself! Of course, the buns were burned to a cinder!'

'So, no cash hand-out?' I said.

'Oh yes there was!' grinned Ed. 'Aunty said it was time I replaced my old cooker because the oven obviously wasn't working properly! See, it wasn't such a half-baked idea after all!'

See you soon

Luv Junior