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Junior’s Journal- 2 April, 2002

More ramblings from our JNM office junior

Hello Chums,

The week before last I dropped in to see Dave.

‘Look what my gran found when she was turning out her kitchen cupboard!’ he announced, holding up a strange, round, metal device with a funny pattern all over it.

‘Wow!’ I exclaimed, ‘that’s incredible! It’s amazing! It’s fantastic! It’s ….it’s….it’s a strange, round, metal device with a funny pattern all over it. All right, I give up. What IS it?’

‘An Easter egg mould!’ replied Dave, triumphantly.

‘What do you want a mouldy Easter egg for?’ I enquired innocently.

‘Don’t you see?’ explained Dave patiently, ‘we can make our own eggs and save a fortune!’

‘But you don’t buy any in the first place,’ I pointed out, ‘you get them all as pressies.’

‘Well, we can make extra ones, then,’ insisted Dave. ‘All you have to do is melt some chocolate, pour it into the mould and wait for it to cool.’

‘What sort of chocolate do you use?’ I asked.

‘The sort they make Easter eggs from of course!’ retorted Dave.

‘Oh, I see. You’re going to melt down Easter eggs to make Easter eggs! So, how are you going to get any extra ones out of that arrangement?’

‘I’m not as dim as you think!’ replied Dave, with a grin. ‘We’ll make them SMALLER! If they’re half as big, we’ll get twice as many!’

You know, there are times when Dave ALMOST knows what he’s talking about.

See you soon Luv Junior


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