Hello Chums,

Once a month there's a Sunday Market in Pucks Hassle. 'You can pick up some real bargains,' Arry told Ed, enthusiastically, when Ed asked about the event which he'd seen advertised in the parish magazine.

'Do they sell plants?' enquired Ed, 'I want a few shrubs and things for the garden.'

'Do they sell PLANTS!!' responded Arry, with feeling.

'Well, do they?' insisted Ed.

'You,' said Arry, 'lowering his voice and leaning across Ed's desk, 'are in luck! My cousin Bert's got a stall loaded wiv stuff for the garden. People go wild about ‘is plants.'

'Right!' said Ed. 'Junior! You can come and give me a hand!'

We arrived at the market nice and early on Sunday and made our way to the stall Arry had described.

'Just leave the bargaining to me!' instructed Ed, and in next to no time we were loaded down with plants of all shapes and sizes.

'Cousin Bert's done us proud!' he chortled, as we staggered back to the car. 'He sold me an Urtica Dioica for £1, a couple of Trifolium Pratenses for a fiver and half-a-dozen Taraxacum Officinales for 50p each!'

'Are you sure you know what they all are?' I asked doubtfully.

'Of course I am!' retorted Ed, 'but you can look them up when we get home - just to check on planting and pruning and whatnot!'

'No wonder people go wild over Bert's plants,' I observed later, as I turned the pages of Ed's 1904 copy of Moses Mossmould's Guide to Successful Gardening. 'He's sold you a stinging nettle, two bunches of clover and six dandelions!'

See you soon

Luv Junior