Hello Chums,

Ed’s taken up tennis! No, don’t laugh...well, why not, everyone else has! And if you’d seen him puffing around the court last week, you wouldn’t have been able to stop yourself.

Course, it was all his own fault (excuse the pun), he shouldn’t have been bragging about what a keen sportsman he was. Tracy Trimbody from the sports club overheard and roped him in for a charity match!

‘I haven’t played since I was a boy!’ he confided to me, the next day, ‘come down to the recreation ground at lunchtime and give me a bit of practice.’

It’s difficult to imagine that Ed ever was a boy but I could tell it was a long time ago as soon as we arrived at the courts.

‘They’re not in use,’ he said in disappointment, ‘they’ve hung something across the middle to stop people playing.’

‘That’s the net!’ I explained. ‘Are you sure you’ve played tennis before?’

‘I think so,’ replied Ed, uncertainly, ‘only in those days the ball thing had feathers stuck in it! Do you think I can get the hang of it by Saturday?’

‘Not a hope!’ I said and, an hour later, that looked like an optimistic opinion!

So, imagine my amazement when I walked into Ed’s office the following Monday and the first thing I noticed was the big, shiny silver cup on his desk.

‘What are you doing with that?’ I gasped.

‘I won!’ he announced with a grin. ‘I got a bye in the first round, my opponent in the second missed the bus and in the final the chap I was playing retired hurt!’

See you soon Luv Junior