Hello Chums

'Talking of Mummy's,' said Ed. 'reminds me of a story I was told by Lady Cynthia Diggem-Hupp, the archaeologist.'

'It concerned a colleague of hers,' he

continued, 'who had always dreamed of making a famous discovery.

So, imagine his excitement, when, after months spent digging in the desert, he unearthed a huge, stone slab which he was sure was the lid of a burial chamber! It was covered in carved hieroglyphs and he got busy translating them whilst the rest of the sand was cleared away.

'It turned out that they told the story of the Pharaoh Gottalottabottle and his Queen, Nefermindit.

Apparently Queen N fell out with her hubby and did a bunk with a local chariot repairman.

The Pharaoh sent a slave to bring her back but, just outside of Cairo, he ignored a road sign for humps in the road and was run over by a herd of camels! After that, Gottalottabottle took up the search himself and one night he caught up with the runaways, and set fire to their tent.

The mechanic survived but poor old Queen N wasn't so lucky and, when the Pharaoh realised what he'd done, he threw himself into the River Nile in despair. The boyfriend nicked the pile of clothes the Pharaoh had left on the bank, took on the ruler's identity, and would have become fabulously rich if he hadn't died shortly afterwards as a result of drinking contaminated river water!'

'And did Lady Cynthia's mate become famous for his discovery?' I asked.

'Yes and no,' replied Ed. 'The tomb turned out to be empty but he gave up archaeology and made a mint as a script-writer for Eastenders!'

See you soon

Luv Junior