Hello Chums,

I'm bored stiff!' said my kid brother, a few days ago. 'I've got absolutely nothing to do. I'm fed up!'

'Mm, you don't seem very enthusiastic about the summer hols,' I agreed, 'but this is a bit early to feel like that, isn't it? You only broke-up yesterday and we haven't finished breakfast yet!'

'Well, I don't care!' he insisted. 'I'm bored!'

'Well, there must be dozens of things you could do,' I suggested.

'Like what?' he retorted.

'What about skateboarding?' I replied. 'Or riding your bike or going fishing or bird watching, playing football, painting a picture, going to the cinema, listening to some records, rollerskating, going swimming, sailing your model boat, taking some photos, going for a walk, doing a puzzle, watching TV, writing to your pen-friend, cleaning out your rabbit, building something out of Lego, sorting out your stamp collection, writing-up your diary, playing with your frisbee, running your electric train?'

'Yeah,' he sneered, 'but apart from that, there's nothing to do! Anyway, I haven't got time for any of that. At ten I've promised to help 'Spotty' test-fly his model glider. Then after lunch I'm playing cricket for the Grumbly Bottom Junior Eleven and in the evening the cubs are helping to paint the scout hut!'

'So, what's the problem?' I asked, 'it sounds to me like you've got a pretty busy day lined-up.'

'That's not until ten o'clock,' he answered, gloomily. 'It's not nine yet - and I'm bored!'

See you soon Luv Junior