Hello Chums,

'Oily' Wragg, the owner of the local garage is always trying to persuade Ed to buy a new car but Ed's very attached to his ancient Postlethwaite Open Tourer.

Mind you, he's about the only thing that is - almost everything else has fallen off! The car's a convertible, which means that at the flick of the wrist and ten minutes work with a spanner, you can convert it from an open-top wreck to an open-top wreck with a few pieces of worn canvas stretched over the top.

So, the rain pours in and Oily, who's just become a dealer for Takijunk Toasters, saw that as his chance for a sale.

What? Oh, I know what you're thinking. You can't get much luggage in the back of a toaster.

Well, the company started off making kitchen equipment and was famous for its TV jingle, 'Make the mosta, a Takijunk toaster' and although they've moved on to making cars, they've kept the name.

'There's a terrific range,' said Oily, temptingly. 'There's the Takijunk Turnip Turbo 2 for a start.

Or you might prefer the Carrot Coupe or what about the little two-seater city car, the Spud? They're all worth a look.’

'Why are they all named after vegetables?' asked Ed suspiciously.

'Ah, well, Takijunk have a policy of “utilising valuable resources by ensuring the re-integration of source materials into the life-cycle of their products,'' ‘quoted Oily.

'And what does that mean?' asked Ed.

'They're made out of recycled soup tins,' confessed Oily, ' but look, I could do you a great deal on the Sprout Sport GTi!’

'No thanks,' interrupted Ed, 'if it's a choice of vegetables, I think I'll stick with my 'leak'!

See you soon Luv Junior