Hello Chums,

Last week my mate Mike read that you can see five planets at once during April and decided he wanted to be an astronomer.

He chose a hilltop on Farmer Muckout's farm as an observation point but he didn't have a lot of luck when it came to starting his new career!

On the first night, he arrived early and was arrested by a passing PC who said he was 'lurking suspiciously' and took him to the station for questioning!

One thing he noticed, before he was marched off, was that it was a bit basic up on the hill, so the next evening he took a chair, and a blanket to keep himself warm and he made himself so comfortable, whilst he was waiting for the sun to go down, that he fell asleep and didn't wake-up until it started raining, a couple of hours later!

On day three he decided to avoid his earlier problems by arriving when it was already dark.

Unfortunately, it was so dark he couldn't find the stile into the field and, climbing through the hedge, fell into a ditch filled with stinging nettles and dirty water!

His final attempt was also made after dark but this time Mike took along a torch.

Halfway up the hillside the torch's beam picked out a pair of eyes which proved to be attached to Boris, Farmer Muckout's prize bull! Mike ran for it, jumped through the hedge - and, well, you remember the ditch?

'Still want to be an astronomer?' I asked him, when he told me the story.

'No, I've decided to be an astronaut,' he replied, 'I think I'll have more chance of seeing the planets that way!'

See you soon

Luv Junior